Why todo lists are terrible for getting things done

I took the kids on a canoe trip a few years ago… We paddled downstream and when we got to our destination they wanted to paddle back up (just for the fun of it). To humour them I turned the canoe around and started to paddle upstream. Of course I got no help from the…

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Slaying The Dragon Of Procrastination

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.41.35 am

Whether it’s work, new projects, mowing the lawn, shaving your legs or grocery shopping, or even something as small as eating lunch or taking a break and going for a walk – we all do it…   We procrastinate.   It comes in all shapes and sizes – there seem sot be many flavours of…

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Clickbait, Ancient Story Tellers and Human Nature


There’s been all kinds of hype in online marketing recently because of the success of “linkbait” or “clickbait” type site’s like Upworthy and ViralNova and Buzzfeed. Basically, these sites create huge amounts of content (up to 4000 articles a month) by a. Hiring writersb. Having those writers create content that aggregates content from around the…

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The Importance Of Vigilence


Meet up with your family at Christmas and the invariable question is “so… what have you been up to”… And the invariable answer is “oh I’ve been pretty busy”  To which they always respond “Oh, That’s Great!” Busy is synonymous with action, with activity and with purpose. A person who is busy is often considered successful.…

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Can you 8020 your personality


Can you 8020 your personality? Let me ask you a question: If I was to ask your best friends what you are like, what would they say about you? Are you funny? helpful? loyal? kind? hard-arsed? tough? sweet? As children we all come up with strategies which help us survive and get what we want.…

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parkinsons law 8020s evil twin

parkinson's law and the 8020 rule

Why Parkinson’s Law Could Be The Best Thing For Your Life… Or The Worst Depending On How You Treat It Cyril Northcote Parkinson coined the phrase “parkinson law” in 1958. Simply put it states that work will expand to fill the allotted time.  I remember a couple of weeks ago I had to clean the…

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The Pareto Principle or otherwise known as the 8020 rule is this big management concept used in many businesses around the world to minimise production defects etc. Yet the rule shows up in all sort of places in your life. …and if you take it to heart… go looking for it you’ll find that you can…

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